You need testimonials. It is true. But why do so few companies actually have them on their sites? – Gathering testimonials for a small company is about the last thing small business owners want to do. Might be embarrassing, or maybe┬áthat they don’t believe they will receive any. Can feel it will be imposing on your clients or the fear of a rejection something the sensation makes owners not try it. And it’s a shame. Solid testimonials from satisfied customers are some of the things in a business owners advertising arsenal. Suck it up and start getting them!

When a possible customer hits your company website are they know nothing they stumbled upon it while looking for a product or service or your site was recommended by a friend. The instant they hit that website you have to sell your business, your products and services and yourself. That person needs to feel comfortable that you are a stand up company owner worthy of their time and their money. There are few ways to achieve this than with testimonials.

Frequently a Testimonials Page on your site is the last thing some one looks at before action is taken by them. That action could be picking up the phone to phone, sending an email or jumping to see your place of business. It’s that little bit of assurance they need before getting a customer. How can you get some?

First of all, particularly with a local business, you ask. Yup, just ask your customers after they have tried your services or products. If your customers have the internet variety send them an email with a follow-up present (possibly a discount for future purchases) and supply them with a simple contact form or email address. As a successful small business owner, you request business every day? Now just request the testimonial.

Make it easy for them to supply the testimonial. It might be a card you hand to them, a follow-up email a week following their purchase with a self-addressed and stamped envelope and an email address included. The hassle that’s involved the apter your clients that are happy will give you a testimonial.

And this is critical, thank them for the testimonial! It could be a card, or a phone call or another bonus gift. Get up these testimonials and make it very easy to find. It will be worth it as it will affect your bottom line. Get to it!

At Responspartner they have found that adding testimonials to your website or web shop greatly increases the conversion rate, and also just leads starting to contact the business owners. Thus they really recommend start getting testimonials, and put them onto your website.